New York Day #8 Brooklyn street art, the NBC tower and the lights of Times square

by Despoina

Day #8, I spend another great morning in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tanguy started the day training at CrossFit Brooklyn and I decided to go on a quest for some of that street art in the borough. I did not manage to get really far, for one I obviously do not know the area and then my denial to use any sorts of maps when I travel in order to explore and discover rather than follow and concentrate on a blue line of my smartphone screen, limited things. But below are my cool findings:

During this walk I realised that Williamsburg is not how the entire Brooklyn looks like. Not everything is a cute little hipster shop coming out of a postcard, the rest of Brooklyn had a more real character to it. You can clearly see the different character of Brooklyn when you walk thought it. I soon got overwhelmed , walking in the unknown busy streets and markets and I stopped to enjoy a strong cold coffee in a tiny coffee shop that seemed to have popped out of nowhere. I walked back to Williamsburg to meet with  Tanguy and we made our way once again to Manhattan. We visited lower Manhattan and Soho that day.  I loved Soho ! Bookshops, record shops, interesting boutiques and major brands altogether not to mention the stylish people (girls) that were walking these streets and capturing my curious attention. How I envy them!


it was at Prince street where I was able to spot a graffiti by famous Brazilian artists Os Gêmeos (ohhh yeah) We kept on walking for the rest of the day, this evening we would be seeing New York from the top of “The Rock”

On top of the empire state building by day, on top of the Rockefeller centre by night, a good choice because that way we could enjoy the view of Manhattan both in the day and at night. This time it took way longer to get up to the Rock because of the crowd but once you are up there “It looks like every goddamn movie I ever seen of the place […] Like every movie they ever made about here’s really happened, somewhere way down in all that smoky streetlight. Standing up here, view like this….you get a feelin’ you could do anything”*  That says it all, right?

After this hallucinating view we decided to walk to the Times Square by night. Walking out of the metro, we could not really tell the difference  was it day or night? The amount of lights can blind you and the amount of people can and will drive you mad!!!! I felt a little uneasy and could not really enjoy the moment because of that but could not resist taking some touristy pictures before we head back “home”

Once we were back to our Airbnb, I was happy to be in a quiet place…..and tomorrow we get our honeymoon tattoos!!!!!

* These are the words of The Preacher Vol. I created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon







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