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As I write these lines or to be more realistic as I copy – paste these lines in WordPress, I cannot believe that this is finally happening. I cannot believe I actually cut the shit and fucking did it already. My own website, what a thrill!

I have been in Belgium for 8 years now and If I had a euro for every time I said that I am planning to launch my own website to friends and to future employers at job interviews, I would not be in a financial situation today that is so reflective of my Greek origins.

And believe me I have set my self plenty of deadlines, I had numerous of ideas for things to write about, thought about all sorts of different graphics, logos, typography and possible blog names. I even ‘wrote’ this first post in my head for about a thousand times.

So why did I not do this until today?  well, there are plenty of reasons:

First of all ‘THE FEAR’

You will never design a website that is unique and stands out from the rest 

the fear

As I love spending time on the internet and I am always looking out for sites that are beautifully made. Not only for inspiration but also to steal their ideas and pretend they have been mine all along. But this is how I come to realise the talent that is out there in the internet-sphere. People that know what they are talking about, those that have found their niche and a perfect way to showcase that on their website. I am afraid that I can never reach that level. Anything I have to say or want to share on a blog has already been said and shared before in much more interesting and creative way.

So, I thought that I  should not bother at all if I am not going to stand out and fail to get people interested.

And let’ s be honest for a second…. most of us visit three to four websites per day including Facebook,  Instagram , Netflix and some sort of blog or website with a topic that interests us. Oh and we watch funny videos of cats …. That is it basically the rest of the web goes unnoticed. Unless if you are the genius behing the Lings cars  website, honestly man:

Well Done!

And then what comes along with fear is the partner in crime:


If you ever considered  starting a blog of your own for you or for your business I am sure you have taken the moment and read trough all of these online guides, searched for tips and tricks and probably even paid for an expensive marketing course to do this the right way.  The result:

All this must-do’s are so overwhelmingly stressful!

Here are a few of those I remember:

  • Be careful to choose a good name otherwise no one will visit your website.
  • Be sure to impress your visitor within the first five seconds of their visit to your website.
  • Market your website to the right audience (whaaaat?)
  • Choose a unique topic and do not talk about a lot of things!
  • Use good graphics ! Use nice photos! Hire a photographer! Pay me to show you the top secret to be successful! How to become the next Goop etc etc….

So I naturally think to myself  “Oh well forget it….. I prefer to watch all seasons of Gossip Girl in one evening instead”


Procrastination. I hate this word!!! I hate everything about it! I hate it’s etymology, I hate how it sounds, I hate the letters and the order in which they are in in order to form this word,  I hate it when Christophe always says to me with an attitude:

This is not difficult … You know what you are doing right now? you are procrastinating!

Christophe Debruyne

UGH I could just punch you in the face Procrastination! But on the other hand, it is a bit true especially if I consider the fact that since I started to write this post and in between my first and second paragraph I took a 45 minutes break to play ‘Farm Heroes Saga’

*Sigh* It is a love-hate relationship the one I have with procrastination. It is like a disease or an addiction you learn to live with and just try to get better day by day

then let’s not forget the work and skills you must have….

Pay for a server to host your website,  register and buying a domain name and put in the time to design interesting beautiful pages, design a logo….

For many people, the job of a Web designer,  UX designer UI designer or however it is popular to call it these days, is equivalent to kindergarden hour, playing with colours and shapes. Most of people think that as designer I just play with graphics and colours and drag things around so effortlessly until they are visually pleasing only to me. It takes more than that, you best-a believe it!

Luckily I know what it entails to have your at-the-minimum-customised website and NO it is not just like every marketeer says on his blogger platform; you DO need to know how to make a website and you DO need to understand web design and design principles for a good result. This is non negotiable. I really hate it when I read “advices” that say that you do not really need to be  “tech-y” to get started online or you don’t need to be a photographer to put pictures on your site.

Well….. you do need to at least understand the technology you will be using or you need someone who masters this technology to take care of this for you. Still don’t think so? By all means then please try to take pictures by yourself with your iPhone and you will realise with the fist upload that you in fact need a photographer or the appropriate skills.

For me, being a Web Designer this meant that I’d need to invest in money and time to apply my knowledge in order to make this happen.

I am also very good at finding excuses to get out of things

When my thesis supervisor said to me that I had to write that necessary chapter for my thesis even though she was sure that I could get out of doing so, I had a revelation moment. People know that I am good at finding excuses when it comes to justifying me not doing something that is stressful, makes me feel uncomfortable and less sure of myself.

It is a talent that I think many Greeks have, I seriously believe that it’s in our DNA. Negotiate to not do something tough

It must be genetics!

I then found a million more little and not so little reasons not to go for it. But the truth is, if you want to do something you love to do you will commit into finding the time for it and you will do it in the end

So I overcame the fear and I thought, “Why the fuck not?”

Why shouldn’t I have a website? Everyone else does!

So what if what I am the only one who reads my posts?  I am sure that the 2 of the 3 people I mailed this link to have already given up on this post but it’s ok, fuck you guys.

I approached the idea of creating a website with less stress and thought: What is the worst thing that can happen???? No, Really. Plus my cool friends were so encouraging !!!!

This is how I decided to just do it.  First of all for me and my sanity because lately I have lost the ability to translate people around me. Also, I need a place to express myself away from the usual platforms.

And last but not least…… I have to prove to the world ( to Christophe ) that I am not procrastinating!!!!!! No, I am not


Well, I guess this is it for a first post. I love it and hate it already! More to come!

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