by Despoina

Despoina Mouratidou

Welcome to my website

Hi! I am Despoina and for the past 10 years I live in Brussels, Belgium a place where it is impossible for people to pronounce my name. I have created this website so that I can have a digital space to write about the things I love to do and support but also where I can talk about my work and share my love and obsession for user experience (UX).

A couple more things about me; I am a TV series junkie, if there is a new sitcom out there chances are I already binged it and will spoil it for you (sorry!). Honestly, I am not sure I even remember life before Netflix. But I also love a good book because sometimes even I need a break from the screen. Some of my favourites books are by Jaron Lanier and by Nikos Tsiforos. I am obsessed with music and very proud of my growing vinyl collection, I love taking good pictures, even before instagram and most of all, I try to remember that “life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves”