Swim for life | Poster for Annual event

Graphic Design project of 2016

Swim for Life is an annual fundraising swim marathon organised since 1996 by the non-profit organisation (a.s.b.l.) Brussels Gay Sports (BGS). The money raised by this event are fully transferred to certified AIDS help and prevention projects. For instance, this year more than 31.000 euros were raised and transferred to AIDS prevention projects.

I encourage you to read more about this fun splashy event by visiting their website at www.swimforlife.be or better yet by joining and sponsoring one of the future events. Everyone is welcome to participate and attend the event and contributions are not only helpful to the cause but greatly appreciated.

Ok now more for the work I did for them; In 2016 the organisation asked me if I could design the poster for Swim for life and some banners for their promotional event “Drink for Life”. The banner was to be used only on social media promotional campaigns that help sponsor the main event. I have worked with BGS earlier in the same year so I was thrilled to say yes. Not only because I support the cause in general but because the task was quite a challenge! I had big shoes to fill in since the poster was usually designed by a professional agency all of the years before that with professional photoshoots involved in the concept.

When I designed my proposals I wanted to step away from what they previously did and I did not want to suggest a photoshoot concept even thought they were open to it. What I wanted to do was to include a fun and summer feeling in the poster I designed so all of my proposals included “summer” vectors and lively colours.  On top of that if you remember, in 2016 gradients where everywhere so of course I wanted to use some gradients and experiment with them! The board of Swim for life picked one of my designs and they picked the one I preferred as well which is not always a given, so I was very happy !

The event takes place usually the first Sunday of December – 2016 was an exception- but the activity has to do with swimming and we wanted to maintain a playful and positive feeling in the concept. Make people forget it is dark and cold outside and remind them of the good summer times. For “Drink for life” and since the promotional event suggests Mojitos and cocktails  in a lower price in order to raise money for the same cause, I switched my gradient to a cosmopolitan cocktail feeling!

Certainly one of the most fun experiences and many thanks to Didier Ghys for suggesting me to the Swim for Life board as a designer. If you have an idea on a project and you want someone to design poster for you, do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Let’s dive in to your project!

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