10 Years Photography | Poster for photography expo

When talented Belgian photographer Tanguy Maes, who happens to be my husband, organised his third photography expo in Brussels I was exited to design his poster and flyers for the event. Not only because he is my husband but also because I love his work and sometimes I am lucky enough to see it first!

The challenge with this project for both of us was to find a theme for the expo as well as to make a selection from a vast amount of photographs to be included in it. Not to mention the fact that working on a creative project with your better half is not always a walk in the park! While making the selection of photographs we realised the fact that Tanguy has been taking pictures for ten years which led to the title “Tanguy Maes – 10 Years Photography”

You may think that this was easy and quite obvious, let me re assure you that this is not the case. Yes, the title seems generic however we went with this due to the fact that Tanguy’s work is quite diverse; from BMX and skating, to street art, to the rock and hardcore scene and captures of everyday moments in cities around Europe…. it is hard to encapsulate all without excluding one concept. It is simply him and how he views the world.

Luckily when I was preparing the poster and flyers, I had a lot of great pictures to work with and I wanted to find the one that would be strong enough to represent the expo and Tanguy’s work. The picture he took of the guitarist of Channel Zero during one of their concerts really encapsulates his work. A picture with a dynamic figure taken from a non-classical concert photo angle which at the same time succeeds to transfer the concert feeling.

Ok time to make a bit of a promo hein?! If you want to see more of ¬†Tanguy’s pictures or even buy some of his limited prints c’est par ici If you want a poster for your event. Do not hesitate to contact me!

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