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A minimal WordPress website designed in 2015

When the project manager of ApoSite called me in order to create a WordPress website for one of their clients in a week (!) I must admit that I questioned wether if that was realistic in terms of timeline, effectiveness and quality. That project was in the end possible due to the fact that the client wanted something really simple and minimal which made things a lot easier. In addition to that , I am quite experienced with WordPress and with UX so that speeded up the entire process.

Designing the navigation was simple enough for me and perfectly showcases my experience with user driven design. In this case the end user finds very easily what he wants on the website; if he wants to buy online for example he can browse immediately the web shop via the welcome page and if he wants general information he gets directed to the marketing website of where he can find all info related to Aurelie’s pharmacy.

In some way, this project had a familiarity aspect in it because I come from a family of pharmacists so the things I had to write for this where things I have heard and said before and in a way I had a clear understanding of both the client and the business.

I will have to say many thanks to Kristof Puttermans for suggesting me as a web designer  and Tanguy Maes as a photographer for this project.

If you want to have your own minimal WordPress website, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to bring your ideas to life!

Here is a review for this project

If your business is selling standardised pharmacy websites, you know that every potential client will ask to modify the fixed template to their wishes. Trying to satisfy every customer, this is done within the possibilities of  the CMS. With Ph. Aurélie Verbruggen it was slightly  different: from the first phone call it was clear that she had a clear vision on how her site should be and if we wanted to seal the deal we had to do more than just  “adapting the colours”.
Her idea not being feasible with our system, we needed to involve a third party. Of course, this means linking your reputation to another agency which implies some risks. Especially due to the strict timing. Miss Bluberries was the right call for the job  : she understood the expectations of the client, was able to translate it onto the web in the most effective way possible. All deadlines were met and we’ve got one happy customer more. So it was clearly a win-win for all. Thanks for the partnership and I hope we can call on your services very soon!

Kristof Puttemans

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