Not ties just code | Poster for internships

Poster for internships designed in 2015

I was hesitating on whether I should include this work on my online portfolio or not but I am actually very proud for this poster because it was a big win for me. This is why I decided to include this in my selection. I made this poster while I was working for a software company in Leuven and working for them was a terrible experience.

Communication within the company was basically non existing. The environment was unwelcoming, excluding me from decision making meetings and briefings, which I found very weird as I was hired as a Senior UX Designer. In addition to this, I was faced with “a do it because I said so” management attitude by a so-called art director who was nothing more than a graphic designer who understood nothing about web projects. Frankly, it was too much to handle for very little in return. I am not talking about money, I saw no room for growth in this environment due to the fact that all of my proposals were constantly turned down without any feedback.

However, this poster was created in collaboration with the development team of the company rather than in the marketing department where I was placed. The developers who would interview intern prospects for the summer period, wanted something simple that communicates a clear message: Do not pretend , do not be corporate just write good code and we will give you the freedom to develop great applications. They asked from the marketing team to create some promotional material for this and as per usual the art director turned down all of my proposals but the developers saw this poster and picked it!

I think this happened because the poster achieves all of the points that were requested and this is why the developers loved it. It got printed as a poster and was in several Universities in Leuven which made me very proud. That was my first vector based print project and I could obviously design it better if I look at it today but it was a very good starting point!

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