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An online shop made with WordPress in 2015

I know the brand of KORRES from Greece and from the pharmacy of my mother and sister. Thanks to the fact that they both are in the business of pharmaceutics and they carried the brand in their store, I could closely follow the KORRES product line evolution since the moment they launched their products to pharmacies. This is a brand that pays due attention to the product design as in the quality of their product something that rarely happens in organic brands launched in pharmacies. I would even dare to say that in some cases they pay more attention to the packaging of the product than the quality (guilty!)

A common fact you may have met yourself as a user, consumer or designer is that when a company believes and invests in their product quality, they tend to believe that only that is enough. The product is good, people will definitely buy it so packaging and product design is less of a priority or completely absent. The opposite applies as well, wrapping up in a beautiful package a not-so-good quality product. Rarely you meet both. I think KORRES achieves both to some extent.

When the shop of KORRES opened in Brussels, I naturally wondered if they have an online presence aside from their FaceBook page. I realised they did not and I immediately asked them if they were interested in having an online shop and expanding their social media presence in other platforms like Instagram. What was in it for me? Well, at the time I had worked with Woo Commerce only in theory and I wanted a project where I could apply what I learned in production.

I also wanted to experiment with the use of social media in order to promote a business , in order to communicate with the existing client base and expand it as well. Not to mention the fact that working with great visuals was very interesting for me!

castanea banner for Korres

Banner that was created for KORRES Brussels using vectors provided by KORRES

The project turned out to be quite big….I had to pitch the idea and the design,  sell it  and of course bring it to life! I studied the entire product line, the different categories that exist in the brand, the ingredients of the products so I created a navigation where our users can find products per category, per need, where they can access the range of products on sale and -yes- access products per gender. I found that this counts for the particular case.

korres menu collapsed

Setting up the online store and payment methods was also a part of my job of course which gave me a first hand experience with the bpost plugin for WordPress, Paypal options for business,  delivery costs calculations, stock management and more.

On a different less boring note, I took over the social media of the store in Brussels and had my first experience with what is called community manager. Granted, I only saw a small part of it but it was definitely interesting to discover this aspect.

This enriching experience is now completed from my side and delivered as a whole package to the customer. It is time now for them to manage as they wish. Have a look here www.korresbelgium.com and tell me what you think of the project, also do not forget to follow KORRES Brussels on social media!

If you are interested in starting your online shop , drop me a line by using the form below and I will be delighted to bring your business on line!

Let’s make a beautiful eShop together!

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