Doccle | marketing website

A WordPress website designed in 2016

This project was realised during my contract with IXOR.

While working at IXOR, I was given the task to re design the marketing website of Doccle. The initial request of the client was to copy the website as it was -pixel copy- to a new WordPress template. A simpleĀ request that the client expected to have in a matter of a week or so.

When I saw the previous website of Doccle though I quickly identified what you would call weak spots and also a lot of room for improvement. I believe that the role of a UX designer is not to follow blindly the request of the client, what we call most of the times monkey job. I believe that my job is to guide my customer towards effective solutions that will ultimately help the business build a connection with their target audience.

This time around, I was lucky enough to have a supportive manager at IXOR and to have been given the freedom to work closely with the client and guide them to solutions. The business needed to communicate their message better, the had to showcase the simplicity of their product without creating a feeling of uncertainty to their end user. I could apply the methodology I learned during my studies at the VUB and really help Doccle see the difference between what they previously has and a more efficient way of talking to their customers. It was also one of the few times that working with the community manager did not cause a cacophony and chaos of unordered ideas but a united voice that spoke to the end user.

This project not only helped me grow as a UX designer, it made me realise my strengths and my talents so I will always remember it. I must admit that I came out of this experience more confident and sure of what I can offer to a project. For this I have the entire IXOR team to thank but also Jonas Haerens the community manager of Doccle for his cooperation and understanding.

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