Antigone | Poster for a theatre play


I designed this poster for Nota Théâtrale which is a non profit organisation that produces theatre plays in Brussels.  Nota Théâtrale gives their profits to social organisations and initiatives such as “Urgences Grèce” the initiative they supported during our collaboration. What I wanted to do with this poster was to illustrate the message of Antigone. She is a character that stands for what she believes in against an authoritative male figure. During that time, quite a lot of  things where happening in Europe. The attacks in Paris and in Brussels left everyone shook but also daring to say “we are not afraid” a spirit of rebellion was evident, hence I wanted to use the anarchist ‘A’ symbol in the poster, it just felt right.

After the poster was presented, I was invited to design the complete visual communication for this production. I created the theatre programs, the tickets for the show, promotional leaflets and in the end my poster won an award! Yeah, check it out : My award for the Antigone poster

 The challenge

There are plenty of risks when you agree to work with non-profit organisations. The money is limited, the blanks to fill are a lot and people devote their own free time to do something they love. However, the roles are not always fixed and you have to depend on people’s sense of responsibility. The entire image of the ASBL was not consistent, their previous posters where quite amateuristic their logo was old fashioned and non custom, their website was made with Wix and nothing was aligned.

There was some work to be done!

I was happy to face the challenge of proposing and designing a new logo and this ASBL. That was the perfect opportunity for me to try and apply my skills.

The solution

notatheatrale logo design

What I did was to find the appropriate feeling that Nota Théâtrale wants to communicate to their audience and also take into account the personal preferences and style of the members of the organisation. After designing the logo, there was an effort to align the brand style of the organisation with the new look and feel. If you want, you can read more about the website on the dedicated page I have for this project and if you are interested in creating your own poster, drop me a line by using the form below and I will be delighted to bring your ideas to life!

Technologies and tools used

Let’s create a poster!

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