Walltopia reaching new summits in 2018

by Despoina

When Jeroen Huys, managing director of Design is Dead aka the big boss,  announced to the team of “DiD” that we are having a 2018 kickoff event coming up I imagined and expected the typical, meaning a fancy restaurant or a conference space with a luxurious catering service and a mandatory dress code. In other words fancy food , a lot of talk and loads of free booze. But hélas! I should have known better, we never do the usual and expected at Design is Dead but rather we embrace our weirdness, dare to push the limits and get out of our comfort zones!

So what did this 2018 kickoff event included? Wall climbing in De Stordeur of course! So not your typical company event indeed.

My plan at first was to be an observer of sorts. After all, in this company I hold the position of the analyst. Which means that I am supposed to observe, learn and specify the flow of how things should go, guide the developers in what they should do which in this case meant that I should tell them to climb the highest wall while I look at them safe and literally grounded with a cold beer in my hands. Of course also encourage their efforts and celebrate the result…. but I am in no way supposed to be a part of the action! So, I strapped on the safety belt put on the uncomfortable shoes and did exactly that… observed. My colleagues were getting nervous, sweaty and they were excited to reach the top , thrilled to be pushing boundaries like Stijn for example who is afraid of heights but still climbed quite high I must admit! Well done Stijn! You are an inspiration.

I went on with documenting the event by taking several photos. Still safe and quite inactive until I finally gave in to the several non-career threatening,  elegant, kind encouragements and I dit it; I climbed !!!! I really did not want to do it at as you might have understood by now buuuuut I must admit that I did enjoy it

and there is proof of all of that…


After we all climbed and reached our own personal summit and after all the numbers and the business talk ; we are doing well, we are growing, new horizons , new technologies, new clients and the likes… it was time for food and some casual talk with my colleagues who are fun and interesting people. We got to speak more about our personal lives and our experiences which brought us a bit closer together. After all we do spend on average eight hours together daily so it is definitely interesting to learn more about who we are as our business selves is only a grasp of our entire personhood.

Now as far as the place itself goes, I really appreciated  De Stordeur because it combines it all! Usually places that offer some sort of athletic activity lack in terms of food quality or in terms of innovative and beautiful environment but at this place the bar and restaurant are actually really good and even if you do not wish to climb and simply stay at the lounge area you have absolutely no noisy distractions. The casual,  modern -and kind of hipstery- decor makes you feel really at ease, the panoramic view is refreshing and the cuisine did not disappoint. The popular choice of the table was the hamburger and it was without a doubt delicious. As far as the desert goes, I will never forget that Speculoos refreshing treat !!!!

I would definitely recommend you to try this place. You will experience such a nice atmosphere and have an alternative adventure all in one wether it is with your colleagues or with your family!



* The photos are taken by our talented UX Designer Joris Verstuyft

** If you want join the cool gang all you have to do is mail Design is Dead at: jeroen@designisdead.com

*** If you want to visit De Stordeur, you can find all the info in their website which by the way is made with WordPress! <3 https://www.destordeur.be

**** Currently listening to: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t no mountain high enough


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