Albums I can listen to from beginning to end!

by Despoina

Music plays an important role in my life. I am the type of girl who walks around with her headphones on and basically my iPod, iPhone, iWhatever is my hand extension. I still buy CDs and I must admit that I am thrilled that vinyls are making a comeback! When I have time I make playlists but I usually like to listen to albums and there are some that I can listen to from beginning to end without skipping a song! God I love those!

Now most of them on the list are not new albums which is a bit sad. It can always mean that I am just an old lady and new music sounds weird only to people in my age group or something …. I mean, I love pop music but I would never listen a Justin Bieber or a One Direction album from beginning to end I can hardly listen to one entire song of them. Also, none of the rock or electro or alternative bands I listen to  have released something good the past few years …. at least not something good enough that I would listen to from beginning to end  like I listen to the “Thirteenth Step” by the Perfect Circle.

It is not all bad though when the album of Solange came out I could once again listen to something from beginning to end and on repeat enough to drive my husband mad…. Today I listened to Flo the Kid and I might just be adding “Get to know the kid” to my list as well. We will see I gave it only a couple of listens for now it is too soon to tell!

If  I would have to put the albums that I can listen to from beginning to end without skipping a song my top 10 would be something like this:

1. Bad By Michael Jackson





If you know me personally and it does not even have to be well enough, you know that I adore Michael Jackson. My admiration is of this extend that the fact that I speak and write english is thanks to him and my subscription to his fan club. The album ‘Bad’ for me is without exaggeration the best pop album of all times. I was in love with the song ‘Liberian Girl’, put it on loud with full bass and you will see for yourself.  I think that “Another Part of me” is the best Michale Jackson song and I will always put that album on when I am relaxing at home, when I am stressed and I wanna calm down or when I work. Fun fact that I did not know; the song ‘Bad’ was supposed to be a duet with Prince, thank God it was not though…


2. A seat at the table By Solange


I was truly surprised by this one and here is where services like Apple music – and having a famous sister – can come in handy. If this album would not have been on Apple music and If I did not know Solange from her beating up Jay-Z in an elevator, I would probably never listen to it. But from the first go I was hooked. It serves it’s purpose well, it has this nostalgic sound and feeling to it and her voice has that familiar tone that you miss these days. I was getting serious nostalgia vibes and I liked it, well played Solange !!! Not to mention that I have a lot of things to be Mad about as well, as says the sons- so I identify.

3. Endtroducing…. By DJ Shadow


I no longer remember when I discovered this album but it was long after its release and until that day, I never thought I would buy an album by a DJ.  Every time I put it on I really listen to it from beginning to end because it combines a lot of my favourite sounds and it is a chill no bullshit tune album. Definitely a perfect companion for mornings in the tram…

4. Mezzanine By Massive Attack


I first heard this album at high school and every time I put it on I have the exact semi feeling. Inertia Creeps forever creeped into my head and some other gems on this album include Angel, Dissolved Girl – my personal favourite- and Teardrop that apart from being a great song it has an amazing video. The entire album is a perfect companion for when I work on a project and I need to focus and be calm….

5. Is this Desire? By PJ Harvey


As a visual person, when I saw the video for the “Perfect Day Elise” I had to have this album of PJ Harvey. Again a late discovery this time of the artist who is a bit different than the other female artists I will usually listen to.  If I could describe her somehow I would say she is the Björk of the alternative rock scene. She has something captivating in her voice and her performances. This album is like a happy depression and you cannot give it a proper listen if you skip songs!!

6. Razorblade Romance By HIM


Yes, I listened to this is a band when I was at high school and just so you know every cool girl did at the time, ok? Of course we were all  in love with the lead singer. I mean look at him! He is the perfect guy who will awaken your sexuality with that androgynous bad boy look. He was 27 at the time as well so much cooler than today;  a 40 year old guy with that eyeliner -come on dude grow up- . Anyway, back to the album even to this day I think this album is the shit!!!! It still makes me feel like I am 16 and punk. There is a Billy Idol nuance to almost the entire album that makes me cry for more more more !!!!! Not to mention that every time  I put it on I sort of travel back in time to when I was going to their concerts and the room was full of female hormones 😀 

7. Lateralus By Tool


My obsession with Maynard James Keenan begun when I saw the “Schism” video for the first time. Thanks to the fact that this band would not release singles I had to buy the entire album and I am really not sorry that I did! I remember that listening to this album was for me a sort of eye opening experience and after that I was forever a loyal member of the TOOL nation. I am one of these people that still waits for the new album to come out, this is how loyal I am. After listening to Lateralus, I absolutely HAD to buy the entire discography. … Still my first purchase,  remains the best album of them for me and my favourite alternative rock album.

8. Thirteenth Step By A Perfect Circle




And the obsession with Maynard  continued this time with The perfect circle. This album, released when I was in college,  is like it is unravelling an entire story to the listener and you cannot just listen to a part of it , you have to listen to the whole thing or nothing it seems. 

9.  Riot Act By Perl Jam



Although I am not a great fan of this band and I find most of their stuff a bit too common for my musical taste, I must say that this album is definitely an exception and one I hear from beginning to end without skipping a song.  Somethings happen just like that….. only this album from them though , weird….

10. Ray of Light  by Madonna



The comeback of Madonna with this album was big news and at the time and most people expected her to do  a “Madonna” something provocative almost like a caricature in other words what she does today…. I think that ‘Ray of light’ was a true artistic expression of hers because it shows that it was really her and not just a role “Drowned world” ,”To have and not to hold”, “The power of goodbye” and the iconic “Frozen” need I say more? I truly believe this was her last real album and when I put it on I cannot skip a song.


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